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Documentaries & Special

  • Life In Osborn

    Life in Osborn is the story of hope for one of Detroit’s most-blighted neighborhoods. Chronicling the efforts of the Detroit-based non-profit Life Remodeled to make a sustainable difference in the northeast Detroit community that once was the most violent ZIP Code in the United States, Life in Os...

  • Co-Mission Africa

    3 seasons

    Join us on the journey of a life-time, as we venture into foreign lands, spreading the Gospel on the ultimate mission – the Great Commission.

  • Does God Talk Back

  • Pandemic Documentary - Randall Terry

    Randall Terry lays out the case from Sacred Scripture that the Coronavirus, the crashing economy, the fear, and the Chinese communists are signs and tools of God's chastening against America because of the shedding of innocent blood - the killing of our children. Our hope for restoration lies in ...