Documentaries & Special

  • Faith Dome - The Journey

    From prophecy to fulfilment.

    Join us as we journey through the fulfilment of a prophetic word delivered on October 18, 1998 to its realization on July 24, 2022. Hear first-hand testimony from; Dr. Andre´ and Ps Jenny Roebert, team members and partners of the ministry as they watched the vision u...

  • Bible Discovery - Rod Hembree

    2 seasons

    Hosted by Rod, Janice, Ryan Hembree and Corie Hembree-Bobechko, this daily 30 minute program guides viewers through the Bible in one year. It will change the way you see the past, present and future.

  • Creation Magazine - Richard Fangrad & Calvin Smith

    1 season

    Cutting-edge science that supports the Bible delivered in a non-technical, visually-rich, discussion-based format.

  • Vision Of The Bible

    4 seasons

  • The Power That Heals

    The Power That Heals is a documentary film that captures the supernatural healing power of God by using ordinary people.

  • Young Explorers

    7 items

    A group of ten young people join filmmaker Timothy Mahoney, Director of Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus, on an adventure to investigate amazing evidence that matches the Bible. But there is more to the investigation than Tim lets on. He has a secret device, the Exploration Chamber. This holograp...

  • Life In Osborn

    Life in Osborn is the story of hope for one of Detroit’s most-blighted neighborhoods. Chronicling the efforts of the Detroit-based non-profit Life Remodeled to make a sustainable difference in the northeast Detroit community that once was the most violent ZIP Code in the United States, Life in Os...

  • A Closer Look at the Chemical Abortion Pill

    A documentary on the dangers of the chemical abortion pill produced by the Life Issues Institute. LII is dedicated to changing hearts and minds of millions of people through education. Organizations and individuals around the world depend upon Life Issues Institute to provide the latest informati...

  • A Reason for Hope - The Truth About Down Syndrome

    A new video by Life Issues Institute highlights the joy and beauty exuded by those with Down syndrome, and the blessings they bring to all those around them. In addition, A Reason for Hope advocates for the same legal protection and respect that any other human being enjoys, and encourages other ...

  • Co-Mission Africa

    3 seasons

    Join us on the journey of a life-time, as we venture into foreign lands, spreading the Gospel on the ultimate mission – the Great Commission.

  • Trump 2024

    Trump 2024: The World After Trump addresses the aggressive movement seeking to bring America under control of a One-World Government. For decades there have been powers at work to establish globalism and destroy the sovereignty of the United States.

    This movement is dismantling America’s liberti...

  • Illuminations - Curt Landry

    1 season

    Experience the Lord in new and deeper ways as you journey through the Holy Land with your host, Curt Landry in the amazing 12-part series—Illuminations.
    Filmed on location in the land of Israel, Curt brilliantly illuminates the epic life stories of many of the Bible’s great men and women of God, ...

  • Does God Talk Back

  • Pandemic Documentary - Randall Terry

    Randall Terry lays out the case from Sacred Scripture that the Coronavirus, the crashing economy, the fear, and the Chinese communists are signs and tools of God's chastening against America because of the shedding of innocent blood - the killing of our children. Our hope for restoration lies in ...