Ted Shuttlesworth Jr

Ted Shuttlesworth Jr

3 Seasons

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Ted Shuttlesworth Jr
  • 612 - Strongholds Are Being Shattered

    Episode 1

    I have found that one of the greatest keys to having peace within your purpose is to only care what God thinks, and not what other people think of you. If you let the opinions and offenses of man control your actions, you will never step fully into what God has for you. Join me live from this stu...


    Episode 2

    Even growing up in Pentecostal church, it's often taught that all fasting does is weaken your flesh and put it under. However that's not true. It's only one of the things it does! Fasting and prayer unlock spiritual benefits. Join me live from the studio as I teach you what they are.

  • 609 - How To Prep Yourself For Production

    Episode 3

    This will be a year of divine possession. We are believing to have the most productive year we have ever had. How do you prepare for that? The Word of God equips us to do every good work. Join me live from the studio as I teach you how to prep yourself for production.


    Episode 4

    We are believing for fresh strength, and power from the Holy Ghost like we have never experienced before. We believe these 21 days of prayer and fasting will change the trajectory of our lives, businesses, ministries, and families. Join me live from the studio as I teach you how to have explosive...