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Ted Shuttlesworth Jr
  • 513 - If God Is So Good Why Are Christians Sick

    Episode 1

    This is such a common question! People have this issue where they don't understand why so many Christians are sick if God has the power to heal, it's His will to heal, and He loves us. Join me Carolyn live from the studio as we tackle this question from the Word of God.

  • 512 - 5 Things You Must Write Down To Be Successful

    Episode 2

    In this episode, join me live on the road from Rowlett, Texas as I give you 5 things from the Word of God that you MUST actually write down to be successful. I have never taught this before. Writing these 5 things down will change you, your life, your ministry, and your family. It's powerful! Tun...

  • 511 - Defining Victory Tribe Culture Part 3

    Episode 3

    All this week I have been teaching on the Victory Tribe Culture and essentially the culture of our ministry. The Lord gave me 9 elements that make up this culture, and in this episode, I give you the 3 final things that will be a massive help to you. Join me live on the road from Rowlett, Texas!

  • 510 - Defining Victory Tribe Culture Part 2

    Episode 4

    In the previous episode, I introduced the Victory Tribe Culture and essentially the culture of our ministry. The Lord gave me 9 elements that make up this culture, and in this episode I give you 3 more areas that will be a massive help to you. Join me live on the road from Rowlett, Texas!

  • 509 - Defining Victory Tribe Culture Part 1

    Episode 5

    The culture of any environment or system is very important because it defines the actions you're going to take in any given situation. Not all cultures are the same. Your culture will become your standard operating system and gives you parameters for how to act and respond. As I was praying this ...

  • 508 - 7 Life Changing Proverbs You Cannot Ignore

    Episode 6

    In this episode, join me live on the road from Blakely, PA as I dive into 7 life-changing Proverbs that you cannot ignore. While you can never ignore anything the Word of God says, the truth found in these seven Proverbs would solve so many common problems and frustrations that people face. I bel...

  • 507 - 5 Tips to Drastically Improve Any Area

    Episode 7

    One of the things I have noticed the more people I meet, is that it's not a hard thing to increase. Especially if you are a child of God and have the advantage of the Holy Spirit. You have the spirit of increase living on the inside of you. Be encouraged with that thought. Join me live on the roa...

  • 506 - Rant On Healer Haters

    Episode 8

    Many people say that they believe things the Bible says, but they could not properly articulate or defend those beliefs if asked. We really have to have it set in our spirits why we believe what we believe as Christians. It blows my mind that we have Pentecostal Christians who will not stand stro...

  • 505 - Rand On Prosperity Haters

    Episode 9

    When people tell me that they don't believe God wants His children to be blessed financially, I know that they do not read their Bible. The world will try to make you feel guilty for being blessed. God is not against blessing you financially and wants to see His faithful children prosper. The Wor...

  • 504 - Rant About Holy Ghost Haters

    Episode 10

    Too many churches are moving further and further away from the Holy Ghost. Jesus sent the Holy Ghost to be a comforter to us. He sent the Holy Spirit to be a guide and to empower us. But too many churches say that the Holy Spirit is too weird and uncomfortable. I have a lot to say about this! Joi...

  • 503 - Avoid These 9 Mentalities Make You Loser

    Episode 11

    There are mentalities that you cannot have if you are going to live a victorious life. If you think you are a victim, if you operate in unforgiveness, if you live a life of insecurity or constant anger— these things will cause you to fail! Join me live in the studio as I teach on these mentalitie...

  • 502 - 7 Reasons Some Prosper And Some Don't

    Episode 12

    Not everyone prospers on the same level because not everyone fully obeys what the Word says. There are principles in the Word of God that will ensure favor, blessing, and prosperity in your life. Join me live in the studio for this episode, where I teach you 7 reasons why some people prosper and ...


    Episode 13

    You've heard me say this before— it is life or death where you go to church! It is on of the most important decisions you can make for you and your family. People will move to be closer to be a better job, because they want to live closer to family, or because of any other opportunity, but moving...

  • 500 - 7 Decisions To Avoid A Sucky Life

    Episode 14

    So often I meet people who are frustrated because they are disengaged with their purpose. Nothing is sadder than seeing someone living in a defeated state who has given up. It doesn't matter your age. With the Holy Spirit you can never be past your prime! In this episode, join me live from the st...

  • 499 - 3 Common Errors That Keep God From Using You

    Episode 15

    All week, we've been dealing with the subject of purpose. In this episode, join me live from Horseheads, NY as I teach you 3 mistakes that will actually keep God from using you. One of these errors is so severe that it will keep you from doing ANYTHING for the kingdom of God. This will help you!

  • 498 - 3 Vital Questions For Rapid Growth

    Episode 16

    We've been talking about personal purpose all week and in this episode, I deal with 3 questions that you can always ask yourself in any stage of life, business, ministry- whatever the case- that if you truly take the time to be introspective and answer them honestly, you will see rapid growth.

  • 497 - 5 Different Ways Praying In Tongues Boosts Your Purpose

    Episode 17

    Praying in tongues is a vital tool given to us by the Lord. I don't believe that people do it enough! We have been talking about purpose this week and in this episode, I want to give you 5 different ways that praying in tongues boosts your personal purpose.

  • 496 - 5 Deadly Relationships That Destroy Your Purpose

    Episode 18

    As I was teaching in an earlier episode, "3 Things Nobody Tells You About Your Purpose," I started to get into relationships and how the enemy will send people in your life to discourage you and ultimately to destroy your purpose. It's so important to recognize when the wrong people are in your l...


    Episode 19

    I've been talking to people about the subject of purpose recently and I am surprised that so many people ignore these 3 things that are vitally important. You don't normally hear these things about your individual purpose and what you're doing for the Lord with your life. This will be a massive h...

  • 494 - Answering Your Questions About The Supernatural

    Episode 20

    During this teaching series on angels, demons, and the supernatural, so many questions came in that I decided to take our live broadcast today to answer as many as I could. Tune in to hear me answer questions such as:
    - Do angels and demons have a gender?
    - What are the seven spirits of God in ...

  • 493 - 3 Spirits Sent To Harass Every Believer

    Episode 21

    This series on will help you to understand the supernatural realm which is not taught enough. In our generation, we're too often trying to solve spiritual problems with natural solutions- and it doesn't work! We are not magnifying the demonic realm, but we understand the importance of knowing our...

  • 492 - 9 Demon Spirits To Deal With

    Episode 22

    It's important to know what the devil is doing so you can guard yourself against his attack. He has no new tricks! Remember, we have authority over all the powers of the devil. This episode today will show you where you need to use that power, how to use it, and what the enemy is trying to do and...

  • 491 - 9 Things Angels Are Doing

    Episode 23

    Continuing this series on Angels, Demons, and The Supernatural Realm- in this episode I teach you what angels actually do, and how they function. Did you know that angels strengthen your purpose and minister to you? I also answer some common questions about "guardian angels" and what the Bible re...

  • 490 - 11 Imp Facts About Demons

    Episode 24

    With so many misconceptions about supernatural beings and the unseen realm, this series is more important than ever. In this first episode, I teach you 11 Important Facts About Demons. I answer questions including:
    - Do angels and demons have a free will?
    - Can a human be possessed by a demon? ...