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Ted Shuttlesworth Jr
  • 736 - 4 Biblical Warnings to Prepare You For the Last Days!

    Episode 1

    They're not even trying to hide it anymore! The World Economic Forum, the UN, and other globalist powers are outright promoting their demonic agendas for all of mankind. This is a major sign that we are living in the Last Days. Knowing this, you have to be ready! Join me today for 4 Biblical Warn...

  • 735 - John MacArthur made a huge mistake

    Episode 2

    Can Christians lose their salvation?? This episode is going to be a massive help to you, and one you will want to come back and reference in the future. One of the biggest debates in the Christian community is the salvation debate between reformed and non-reformed believers. I am going to take th...

  • 734 - Frustrated Heres 5 Reasons Why

    Episode 3

    I hate to see Christians living in a place of frustration. No one likes to be in that place. Maybe you want to see things moving forward, but no doors are opening. You have promises from the Lord, but you're not seeing them come to pass. Maybe you're getting ready to listen to this episode and yo...

  • 733 - 5 Reasons I stopped watching the news

    Episode 4

    I stopped watching the news years ago. This doesn't mean I am unaware of what's happening in the world. However, there are specific reasons I am intentional about not having the news playing in my home. Join me live from the studio to find out what they are!

  • 732 - Beware 3 Christian Doctrines That Ruin Lives

    Episode 5

    This episode is part teaching, and part rant. I deal with 3 Christian doctrines that absolutely ruin people's lives. I've been in full-time ministry for 20 years and I have seen it happen every time. These 3 doctrines bring people to destruction. Join me live from North Carolina to be made aware ...

  • 731 - Beware of this Counterfeit Conspiracy

    Episode 6

    The devil always operates as a counterfeit! I believe he is using this "counterfeit" as a devious attack against the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. I want you to be aware of what he is doing so you can guard yourself against it. Join me live on the road from North Carolina for this episode!


    Episode 7

    Have you ever wondered what angels were created for? In this episode, I teach you what angels actually do and how they function. Did you know that one of the purposes of angels is to strengthen your purpose and minister to you? Join me live from the road in North Carolina!

  • 729 - These 11 Breakthroughs are hidden in Gods name

    Episode 8

    The names of God are so powerful! One of the things we can see when we read the Old Testament, is that people saw the characteristics of God and would attribute those to Him in the names He was given. I came across just some of these today in my personal devotions. Join me live on the road from N...

  • 728 - Demons want these 3 things from you

    Episode 9

    Demons can be a hot topic but it's very rare that they are talked about properly! Most teaching out there on the subject of the demonic is biblically inaccurate. Today I want to teach you what the Bible says demons are after. Whether you're a believer or an unbeliever, demons are after these 3 th...

  • 727 - 7 Books that took me from debt to abundance

    Episode 10

    As a Christian, God wants you to be financially blessed. Join me live from the studio for this episode where I share the 7 Books that brought my wife Carolyn and I from a place of debt to a place of abundance and increase. I know they will help you in the exact same way!
    Books Mentioned:
    1. "Un...

  • 726 - Why Most Christians Never Advance in Life and Solutions

    Episode 11

    Have you ever seen someone after many years and they seem to be in the same place? You're not called to be stagnant or to just coast through life. As a child of God, you're called to increase! It's actually your inheritance and your portion. Join me live from the studio as I teach you why most Ch...

  • 725 - Huge Controversy ABout Jesus What you should know

    Episode 12

    You've perhaps heard me teach me before the importance of knowing why you believe what you believe. The Bible tells us we need to be ready to give an answer for the hope that lies within us. Join me live from the studio for this episode as I give you Biblical answers to a HUGE controversy about o...


    Episode 13

    This is an extremely important episode. I feel such an urgency about the never generation in my spirit. Did you know that all it takes is one generation for the next to not know God? Your kids will not look like this world. Your grandchildren will be set apart for God! Join me live from the studio!

  • 723 - 5 Worthless Prayers God Will Not Hear

    Episode 14

    As Christians, we are to be praying every day. Did you know that there are some types of prayer that God will not hear? I know that I want to pray productive prayers that will not only be heard, but answered! Join me live from the studio as I teach you 5 different prayers that God won't hear!

  • 722 - 99% of Christians Don't Do This and They Should

    Episode 15

    What is the one thing that the majority of Christians should be doing, but aren't? Within the Body of Christ, we have many different denominations and groups that give us a lot of differences. We are Pentecostal, and Word of Faith. A great mistake often made is looking at Christianity and simply ...

  • 721 - How to be a far better soul winner

    Episode 16

    The gospel is a limited-time offer. If souls are God's top priority, then as believers souls should be ours! Many Christians don't know how to share their faith with someone else in a way that leads them to Christ. Join me live on the road from Lancaster, PA as I teach you practical steps that wi...

  • 720 - You're looking at the wrong thing

    Episode 17

    This rant all began when I made a post on social media about a massive youth conference I tuned into online. Bishop Oyedepo was wearing a suit while he powerfully ministered to thousands of young people. I instantly thought about how so many people think that you have to do certain things in the ...

  • 719 - 9 Mistakes That Will Destroy Any Marriage - Part 2

    Episode 18

    A great marriage doesn't happen by accident! Join Carolyn and me live in the studio for this two-part series as we teach 9 mistakes that will destroy any marriage. These are lessons we have learned in our past 16 years of marriage, wisdom from the Word of God, and lessons others have taught us. D...

  • 718 - 9 Mistakes That Will Destroy Any Marriage - Part 1

    Episode 19

    A great marriage doesn't happen by accident! Join Carolyn and me live in the studio for this two-part series as we teach 9 mistakes that will destroy any marriage. These are lessons we have learned in our past 16 years of marriage, wisdom from the Word of God, and lessons others have taught us. D...

  • 717 - Unfriend These 7 People Now

    Episode 20

    What type of friendships should be in your life? Who you surround yourself with matters! Join me live from the studio as I share 7 types of people that you need to unfriend immediately!

  • 716 - 10 Healing Books

    Episode 21

    I thought I would do something a little different for this episode! Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to read. Something important to remember is that the Bible teaches us that truth will set us free, but that means the truth that we know. As I travel around the world, I can't believe how ma...

  • 715 - Don't Believe These 3 End Time Deceptions

    Episode 22

    Jesus is coming soon. We are living in the last moments of time! Is the earth going to run out of resources? There are 3 main lies that we keep hearing in the news and other media outlets. It's time to debunk them. Join me live in the studio!

  • 714 - 3 Guaranteed ways to accelerate your success

    Episode 23

    You may not hear this concept in a typical Sunday sermon. It's God's desire for you to live in never-ending increase. This is why it bothers me when I see people who are not ever moving forward, when I know that God's plan for them is increase and success. As believers we should be always increas...


    Episode 24

    It's important to remember that faith can be stopped or hindered. There are actually certain things that will stop your faith. We know that faith is how we please God, so join me in this episode as I give you 6 Biblical reasons your faith isn't working.