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Ted Shuttlesworth Jr
  • 712 - You won't stay on fire for God without these

    Episode 1

    One of the things that are important to remember is that the Bible teaches in the last days many will grow cold and fall away from the faith. We have made up our minds that we will not be these people. However, this doesn't happen by accident! Join me as I give you questions to answer in your own...


    Episode 2

    I hear so much preaching on the favor of God. It often sounds like this mystical, inexplicable season of some sort. Too many people don't understand what favor is, or how to practically access it. Join me for this episode on what favor is, and how to get it!

  • 710 - Rapidly Improve Your Life with these 5 Biblical Principles

    Episode 3

    As a believer, we should be constantly increasing in every area. Even as a ministry team, we are always asking ourselves the question, "How can we be better or improve?" We should never be in the same place as time passes. We should look back at ourselves one year ago and see the massive differen...

  • 709 - Food Shortages in the Fall 3 Things You Need to Know

    Episode 4

    We have been hearing so much in the news and social media about the upcoming food shortages in the fall. Is this true? Join me live from Tomball, TX as I share 3 things you need to know about this as a believer.

  • 708 - Why Many Churches Don't See Revival

    Episode 5

    What hinders a move of God? Join me live from Tomball, Texas as I share some stories from the road of things I've seen as reasons a church doesn't see revival take place. We want to stay in the flow of what God is doing both in our ministries and our personal lives. This will help you!

  • 707 - 7 Reasons I'd leave a church

    Episode 6

    What do you look for in a church? And how do you know it's time to leave the one you're attending to find a new one? Where you go to church is life or death. It's that important! Join me live as I share 7 things that would determine if a new church was the right one for me, or if it was an excell...

  • 706 - Why You Should Retire Your King James Bible

    Episode 7

    This is a controversial episode for many! In this episode, I am not vilifying the King James Version, but I do believe there are better modern translations to use! Join me live from the studio as we dive into the debate!

  • 705 - 7 Proven Wealth Building Principles in the Bible

    Episode 8

    Many people are in need of financial freedom. That's God's desire for you! Financial struggle is not God's desire for you. Your poverty does not prove your sole dependance on God. God wants you blessed. Join me live from the studio as I teach you 7 proven principles from Scripture that will buil...

  • 704 - End Time Alert Do These 3 Things Now

    Episode 9

    There's no time to waste. Can you feel the urgency? Jesus is coming soon. Join me live in the studio for this episode as I teach how we are not only in the end-times (and have been for a long time) but there are 3 things that every believer needs to do immediately according to Bible prophecy.

  • 703 - Creflo Dollar's New Teaching on Tithing - My response

    Episode 10

    Recently, Pastor Creflo Dollar changed his views on tithing. He no longer believes it's a requirement for New Testament believers who are under grace: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOSboAvyy9E&t=4219s
    In this episode, we examine and refute that claim using Scripture. God instituted tithing as a...

  • 702 -The Antichrist Revealed! (6 Defining Characteristics)

    Episode 11

    I am often asked if we are living in the last days. What we need to understand is that we have been living in the last days for thousands of years! There are many questions about the Antichrist and what he will be like. In this episode, join me as I teach you 6 characteristics from the Bible that...

  • 701 - Warning Stop Spewing These 7 Confessions

    Episode 12

    What we say is so powerful it can make a change in the natural. This is the power of your confession. Jesus taught it. The apostles understood it. This is even taught in the Old Testament! What comes out of your mouth does matter. Join me live from the studio as I teach you 7 confessions that nee...

  • 700 - 6 Fatal Mistakes That Will Short Circuit Your Faith

    Episode 13

    Your faith should always be working. Faith cannot be just a feeling or a thought. There should always be something you're doing that shows your faith in action. This means faith can be stopped, and when that takes place you are no longer pleasing God. Join me live from the studio as I teach you 6...

  • 698 - 1 Thing Nobody Tells You About Your Purpose

    Episode 14

    There's this erroneous thought process that you can go or do whatever you want and God will support you no matter what. Many times Joshua chapter one is quoted to support this teaching: "Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given to you..." (Joshua 1:3). This verse, and o...

  • 697 - Why Many Christians Don't Finish Their Race

    Episode 15

    After being in the ministry for 20 years, one of the things I’m beginning to notice more and more is that not everyone that started out with me is still doing what God’s called them to do. It’s a sad thing to see. People start out running their race and fulfilling the call of God on their life, b...

  • 695 - 5 Characteristics Of A TRUE Disciple Of Christ

    Episode 16

    There's many who THINK they know what it means to be a true disciple of Christ, but do they really? It seems like such a rudimentary concept for a Christian, but we can see clearly that it's a needed teaching. Regardless of what people say, their actions and the way they live their life testifies...

  • 694 - 5 Decisions That Will Make You A Great Leader

    Episode 17

    All believers are called to be leaders. Don't make the mistake of thinking that you have to be in the "five-fold ministry" to be a great leader. Whether it be at your job, at your school, or at your church, there are people who are taking their cues from you. But it's not enough just to lead, you...

  • 693 - 5 Devastating Parenting Mistakes To Avoid

    Episode 18

    There's no doubt that the antichrist system of this world is looking to break down the nuclear family. The Devil hates to see Christians have kids and raise them up in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Knowing that the enemy's focus is turned toward the children, we need to know more than ever...

  • 690 - 3 Reasons Miracles Are Essential

    Episode 19

    There are those who say miracles are not for the 21st century church and blatantly reject the power of God. There are also those who might believe in miracles, but have a light regard for them, not fervently pushing to see them in our churches on a regular basis. Not only are miracles still for t...

  • 689 - 7 Destructive Things You Should NEVER DO At Your Church

    Episode 20

    Being a part of a local body of believers is, no question, a command of God to every believer. We're called to live in unity with one another, doing the work of the ministry. There are things, however, that people do within that local body that prove to be destructive. Many times they can cause a...

  • 688 - The Most Powerful Christian Revelation There Is

    Episode 21

    If you've ever been reading through the New Testament, particularly the Apostle Paul's letters, you've read phrases like "in Christ", "with Christ", or "through Christ". Many can be confused by this phraseology, but it communicates what I believe to the most powerful Christian revelation there is...

  • 685 - Steal This Secret That Brought King David Constant Victory!

    Episode 22

    There was one trait, I believe, that brought King David constant victory in his life. It wasn't so much his skill. It wasn't his knowledge or his wisdom. It was an uncommon humility that kept David on top from his youth to his old age. If you will understand and implement the same kind of selfles...

  • 684 - UNSTOPPABLE- 21 Laws For Obtaining Extraordinary Success - Part 5

    Episode 23

    When you see successful people in business, ministry, and personal life, they share lots of common traits. Though you can find them as chapter headings in all of the top-selling business books, these traits and growth principles are taken straight from Scripture. God has set up a system of laws t...

  • 683 - UNSTOPPABLE- 21 Laws For Obtaining Extraordinary Success - Part 4

    Episode 24

    When you see successful people in business, ministry, and personal life, they share lots of common traits. Though you can find them as chapter headings in all of the top-selling business books, these traits and growth principles are taken straight from Scripture. God has set up a system of laws t...